Referral Program
We are calling all companies to refer a lead to us and get an awesome cash reward!

Consumers approach your companies for various solutions and sometimes they are asking for solutions that your business don’t carry.

If that solutions that are looking for happen to be Time Attendance solution, Employee Leave Management Solution, Guard Patrol Monitoring Solution, Mobile-Based Door Access Solution and/or Employee Hiring Solution, Join TimeTec Refer and Reward Scheme! Recommend those leads to us, and we’ll reward you with 15% cash of the first total sales!

No, you don’t have to pitch the leads. Let us do the work and upon successful referral, we will reward you with your cut. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s get started! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
Register Your Company
Why your company? Because the leads you are going to pass us are your company’s data and we want to keep it transparent and legit. And it’s another way to earn money for the company. If you are happy with the sales and you want to become TimeTec reseller, all your details are available and can be easily transferred to our TimeTec Reseller Program with different commission scheme.
Key in the Leads
We take these leads seriously, hence, all details must be correct and reliable to increase the chance of closing the deal, and get you that cut your deserve.
Get Your Reward!
The reward will be 15% of the total amount of the initial sales we made with this lead and it’s a one time deal only, i.e. A lead signed up for 300 users annually (10% discount) for TimeTec TA at RM5 per user per month, total amount will be RM16,200, and we will reward your company with RM2,430. You will not be entitled for any more reward for the subsequent purchase by this client. A more rewarding program is available when you signed up as TimeTec Reseller. In TimeTec Reseller Program, you will be in charge of your own customer list and we are offering 30-50% discount for TimeTec resellers and distributors respectively. Click here to find out more.
Register Your Company
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