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Title A Time Attendance Tracking Method and System
Patent ID US: 13/944,269
Malaysia: PI 2012700490

A time attendance tracking method is provided by which a hand-held device is set as a primary device or a secondary device based on inherent mobile identity of the hand-held device and operable in either a first mode or a second mode. The first mode permits the user to clock-in or clock-out for attendance recording for the user tied account while the second mode restricts the user to clock-in or clock-out for attendance recording for the user tied account. The most illustrative drawing: Figure 2

Title An Electronic Platform
Patent ID US: 14/882,082
Malaysia: PI 2014703080

The present invention discloses an electronic platform system comprises one or more cloud database (140) connected to a communication network (130); a store platform (201) connected to cloud database (140) via the communication network (130), configured to display a list of products and/or services for an user to select; a payment platform (202) connected to the store platform (201) via the communication network (130), configured to allow the user to make a purchase directly from the store platform (201); and an application server (200) connected to the cloud database (140) via the communication network (130), wherein the application server (200) comprises: a camera module (203) configured to communicate with at least one camera (110), retrieve visual and/or audio data from the camera (110), store the visual and/or audio data in the cloud database (140), a codec processing unit (204) for encoding or decoding the stored visual and/or audio data, and a web server (205) for a computing device of the user (120) to retrieve or display the stored visual and/or audio data from the cloud database (140) or display the visual and/or audio data directly from the camera (110) in real time.

Title A Time And Attendance Recording Method and System
Patent ID PI 2012700815

A time and attendance recording system comprising a computing apparatus in communication with a database, which stores a plurality of registered user identities and each registered user identity is tied to an account; a time clock, connected to the computing apparatus, configured to send a user identity to the computing apparatus upon receiving the user identity from a user and the sent user identity is tagged with a timestamp recording the time and date which the user identity is received; wherein the computing apparatus is operative to verify the sent user identity against the registered user identities; determine an attendance status, check-in or check-out, of the user by comparing the tagged timestamp against a predetermined time interval which is assigned with the attendance status, characterized in that the attendance status in the system is free from user intervention. No Illustration For Abstract.

Title An Attendance System
Patent ID PI 2013701461

This disclosure describes an attendance system comprising a target device installed at a location that has a NFC tag and a processor; a mobile device incorporated with NFC module having a unique identification information of a user, and configured to communicate with the target device through performing an action to bring the NFC module in close proximity with the NFC tag when the user checks in or out from the location; and a central station defining at least a server wirelessly connected to the processor with a database for storing data related to the attendance event, identification information of the user and location of the target device; wherein the mobile device is incorporated with a positioning module for detecting position of the user such that the attendance event is recorded when the position of the user matches with the location of the target device that defines an allowable user position which is preset using the positioning module and stored in the database, and the unique identification information from the NFC module corresponds with the identification information of the user that is saved in the database.

Title System And Method for Transferring Electronic Information
Patent ID PI 2013702360

A system for collecting and transferring electronic information comprising: one or more servers (200), having one or more centralized databases for storing and/or retrieving the data, connected to a network (500); one or more computing devices (300) connected to the servers (200) via the network (500) for retrieving the data from the centralized databases; a plurality of biometric devices (100) connected to the servers via the network (500), located at different locations, and each biometric device (100) comprises: means for identifying users based on biometric data of the users; means for storing the biometric data and activity information of the users; and means for sending the biometric data and activity information to the servers (200), in communication with the servers (200) in real time via the network (500); characterized in that the biometric devices (100) are configured to identify a user based on the biometric data, and collect activity information of the user, following which real time activity information together with the corresponding biometric data of the user is sent to the servers (200) based on HTTP PUSH protocol; wherein the activity information and the biometric data of the users are stored in the centralized databases of the servers (200) and are enabled to be retrieved by the computing devices (300).

Title A Biometric Device
Patent ID PI 2014704016

The present invention discloses a biometric device (1) incorporated with an android platform for time and attendance application, the biometric device (1) comprising: one or more biometric sensing module (2, 3) for receiving biometric and time attendance data of an user; an attendance module (10) integrated with one or more predetermined rules for organizing and managing the received data in a way such that the organized data can be directly used in payroll calculation and generation of attendance report; a scheduling module (11) for managing and implementing the predetermined rules; a duty rosters module (12) configured to receive information relating to duty rosters, holidays, and leaves from the user, and to transmit the received information to the scheduling module (11); a payroll module (14) for calculating paychecks of the user based on the organized data; a reporting module (15) configured to generate attendance reports and to export the generated attendance reports in a designated form; and a display module (16) for displaying the outputs of the modules.

Title A Method for Recording and Collecting Time Attendance
Patent ID PI 2014703283

The present invention discloses a method for automatically recording time attendance of a user comprising the steps of: accepting, by a biometric device, biometric data and entry time data of the user; transmitting, by the biometric device, the accepted data to a processor via a communication network; comparing, by the processor, the accepted data with those stored in a database to identify the user and a corresponding working schedule of the user; applying, by the processor, a set of predefined rules based on the working schedule of the user to a time attendance template of the user; and organizing, by the processor, the entry time data of the user into the time attendance template of the user.